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Canderel Dark Chocolate Bar

Sugar Free

Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Bar
The Canderel 0% Sugar Dark Chocolate Bar is a tasty bar that has pieces of crunchy almonds coated in dark chocolate. It is one of the most demanded snacks by kids as it tickles their taste buds. Canderel 0% Sugar Dark Chocolate Bar with sugary treats shouldn't make you feel guilty or compromise great taste. Reduce your sugar intake and enjoy a delicious sugar-free Canderel chocolate.


Cocoa,Sweetener (Maltitol),Insulin (Fiber),Cocoa Butter,Emulsifier (Soy),Aspartame (Sweetener),Flavor,Cocoa Solids 49% Minimum.

Energy,463kcal Protein,6.4g Carbohydrates,5g - of which Sugar,3.1g Fat,29.4g Fibre,6.6g Sodium,20mg