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Earth choice

Earth Choice Power Clean Kitchen


Removes grease, dirt and grime

Easily cuts through tough grease, dirt and grime.

Formulated with naturally powerful plant based cleaning agents, Earth Choice Kitchen Cleaner easily cuts through tough grease and dirt, lifting stubborn stains and leaving your kitchen with a fresh citrus fragrance. This brilliant performer is great for use on kitchen bench tops, stovetops, microwaves, fridges, sinks, chrome, stainless steel, laminate, vinyl, walls, venetian blinds and tiles.

Do not use on stone, porous, cracked, unsealed and/or acid sensitive surfaces.  Do not use with or immediately after any other chemical or bleach.


Water (Purified) - Solvent
Laureth-8* - Cleansing
Alcohol Denat.* - Solvent
Sodium Bicarbonate - Buffering
Glycerin* - Humectant
Cocamine Oxide* - Foam Booster
Sodium Citrate* - Chelating Agent
Fragrance - Perfume
Benzisothiazolinone - Preservative
CI 60730 - Dye
Proprietary Dye - Dye

*Plant Derived Ingredients