Sante Fit Granola Nuts Cocoa No Added Sugar


This Granola is a tasty combination of cookie-flavored roasted cereals with hazelnuts, almonds and cocoa. It's free of added sugar and additives. Plus, it's full of minerals, vitamins and fiber.

The product may contain milk, soy and other nuts.


Cereal flakes 47.8% (wholegrain oat flakes 31.6%, barley flakes), raisin (raisin, cottonseed oil, and / or sunflower oil, or / and rapeseed oil), sweeteners: maltitols;8% nuts (hazelnuts, almonds), sunflower oil, dried dates, flour (barley, maize), soluble corn fiber, cocoa with a reduced fat content of 2.5%, sea salt, aromas, cinnamon.

Energy, 411 kcal
Fat,15 g
– oif which saturated fatty acids, 1,9 g
Carbohydrates, 58 g
– of which sugars, 9,2 g
Fibre,12 g
Proteins,9,2 g
Salt,0,41 g
Phosphorus, 290 mg (41%)
Iron, 4,6 mg (33%)
Zinc, 2,1 mg (21%)
Magnesium,86,0 mg (23%)
Copper, 0,37 mg (37%)
Mangan, 100 mg (27%)
Potassium, 482 mg (24%)