Bjorg Duo Cacao Biscuit With Milk


Cocoa cookies filled with milk. Succumb to the delicious cocoa taste of Fourré Duo Cacao, a concentrate of pleasure for snacking, a natural source of fiber and calcium




WHEAT flour*, whole wheat flour* 15.7%, unrefined brown cane sugar*, unrefined cane sugar*, oleic sunflower oil*, cocoa butter*, lean cocoa powder* 6%, MILK * whole powder 6%, skimmed MILK* powder 1.4%, baking powders: ammonium carbonates, sodium carbonates, thickener: acacia gum*; unrefined sea salt, emulsifier: lecithins* (sunflower), antioxidant: rosemary extracts*. *Organic ingredients.

Energy,491 kcal salt,0.38g fat,21g - of which saturated fatty acids,7.2g carbohydrates,64g - of which sugars,30g dietary fiber,5.2g protein,9g