Dr Schar

Dr Schar Gluten Free Flour Bread Mix

Gluten Free
Lactose Free

It’s this simple: Take some of the lactose-free Mix Bread flour, mix it with yeast and water, add a pinch of salt and stir. Yes, that’s it: stirring is the main part! Form buns and rolls just as you please, they will definitely turn out well: a golden crust, a fluffy crumb and a nice portion of healthy fibre from lentil and whole rice flour! And even the next day, this homemade bread tastes just like … exactly: like fresh from the bakery!

May contain traces of soya . LACTOSE-FREE (lactose<70ppm)


maize starch ,rice flour ,vegetable fibers (psyllium, bamboo) ,whole rice flour 3,8% ,lentil flour 3,6% ,dextrose ,thickener: hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose ;salt

Fat,0,6 -Of Which Saturates,0,1g Carbohydrates,80g -Of Which Sugars,2,8g Fibre,5,3g Protein,2,5g Salt,0,76g