Dr Schar

Gluten Free Salti Crackers

Gluten Free
Lactose Free

Gluten free slightly salty snack. Enjoy it with a savory topping or with sweet chocolate cream.

A classic at every party, the preferred snack in the office: Whenever you open a pack of Saltí, it will get everyone moving! Plus, it's free from preservatives, eggs and milk.


maize starch , palm fat , maize flour , sugar , soya flour, dextrose , modified maize starch , raising agents: ammonium hydrogen carbonate , monopotassium tartrate , sodium hydrogen carbonate ; sea salt 2,3% , emulsifier: soya lecithin; thickener: guar gum ; acid: citric acid ; natural flavouring .

Energy, 442 kcal Fat,13 g -Of Which Saturates,5.9 g -of which trans fat,0 g Carbohydrates,78 g -Of Which Sugars,7.4 g Fiber,1.9 g Protein,2.3 g Salt,2.3 g