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Keto on the go Brownies

Gluten Free
Sugar Free

Experience the ultimate convenience with our Keto On-the-Go Brownies, designed to satisfy your cravings while adhering to your dietary preferences. These brownies redefine indulgence with their chewy, soft texture and are completely free from sugar and gluten.

Each cup contains 6 delectable brownie pieces, making it the perfect snack for busy days or whenever you need a quick energy boost.

With just 0.5 net carbs per piece, you can enjoy these guilt-free treats without compromising your keto goals.

Grab a cup of our Ketoon the go Brownies and indulge in a delicious and convenient snack wherever you are.

6 per cup!

0.5 g net carbs per piece

It is a pre-order item so it will be delivered within 24 hours


Almond flour, vanilla, erythritol, butter, egg, unsweetened cocoa powder, Himalayan salt