Clear Space

Clear Space Liquid Laundry

A safe and effective liquid laundry soap is a non-toxic detergent that cleans away stains, helps colors stay bold and bright, softens fabrics without the need for added fabric softener, and keeps the laundry smelling fresh

A blend of natural ingredients delivering a concentrated formula that dissolves dirt, stains and greasy soils from the entire wash load. It eliminates odors leaving clothes fresh without the use of a fabric softener. Gentle on all types of fabrics and maintains fabric colors.

How To Use: 200-250ml for each 10kg washing machines.
Cruelty Free.
No Fragrances.
No Chemicals.
No Additives.
Soft on all types of fabrics.
Maintains Fabric Color.
No fabric softener required. Mild smell.
1 year Shelf Life.

Potassium Oleate, Lavender Water, Laurel Extract, Myrtle Extract, Soapwort Infusion, Honey, Laurel Leaf and Lavender Essential Oils.