Elle&Vire Mon Grec A La Francaise Citron

High in Protein

This unique recipe with fresh milk from Normandy has been revisited by Elle & Vire's cream experts, who added a unique touch of cream for a generous, fresh and mild taste beyond comparison.

Smooth and creamy but also richer in proteins, it is perfect as a snack.

Discover now our lemon flavour !


Skimmed cow milk, cow’s milk cream, sugar, water, lemon 6%, milk proteins, food additives: stabilisers: pectin, agar; starch, natural flavouring (lemon taste)

Energy, 139 kcal Fat,7.5 g -of which saturates,5.2 g Carbohydrate,13.8 g -of which sugar,13.2 g Fibre,0 g Protein,4.1 g Salt,0.24 g