Nabat Organic BuckWheat

Gluten Free
Organic Buckwheat Groats are triangular-shaped hulled seeds from the buckwheat plant. They are included in vegan and gluten-free diets as whole grains because of their grain-like properties. Originally cultivated in Southeast Asia, it has become a staple food in the Balkans and Eastern Europe. The delicate, grassy flavor of these tender, white seeds can be brought out by toasting the uncooked buckwheat groats. Buckwheat groats can be added to salads, stews, soups, casseroles, or whole-grain pilaffs.

Organic Buckwheat groats

Energy, 160Kcal
Total of fat,1.4g
-of which sat, 0g
-of which trans,0g
Total of carbohydrates,33g
-of which fiber,5g
-of which sugar,1g