De Cecco

De Cecco Pasta Sauce Napoletana

Dairy Free
De Cecco offers you a wide range of options to meet your every need. De Cecco Tomato Pulp has a natural appearance, giving them a pleasant aroma and good taste. Our technicians carefully select the Italian tomato as a product rich in operculum, suitable for eating with nutritious foods from tomatoes.

Chopped tomatoes 66%, tomato concentrate 10%, onion 7%, water, carrots 3.5%, sunflower oil, sugar, salt, garlic 0.5%, thyme 0.4%, chives 0.2%, parsley 0.2%, flavouring, black pepper 0.01%.

Energy, 60 Kcal
Total Fat, 3.1g
- of which Saturated Fat, 0.5g
Sodium, 400mg
Total Carbohydrates, 5.9g
- of which Sugar, 4.4g
Dietary Fiber, 1.6g
Protein, 1.4g