BEIRUT POPCORN Popcorn Caramel

Low Calorie
We get you. You’re not just looking for classic salt. You crave something with a little edge. And that’s why we have the caramel version of our Pops. This is a flavor for those who feel like breaking the rules - being adventurous. It’s a flavor for those of you who need a little extra sweetness and “pop” in their snacking pursuits. And what’s more – it is still a low calorie option!

Non GMO popcorn kernels, corn oil, caramel glaze

Energy, 100 Kcal
Fat, 4g
- of which saturated, 0.5g
Sodium, 0mg
Carbohydrates, 15g
- of which sugars, 9g
Fiber, 2g
Protein, 1g