De Cecco

De Cecco Truffle Pasta

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Expiry date: Saturday 16 March 2024
This luxurious pasta is made of Saint-Jean truffles, it is cooked perfectly in 5 minutes only.

A unique pasta, made of the most loved ingredient: the truffle. You will love how easy it is to create a delicious pasta dish by simply drizzling olive oil and adding parmesan cheese.

$8.62 $10.77you save $2.15

durum wheat semolina, pasteurized eggs 22%, summer truffles 6%, salt.

Energy, 369Kcal Fat,4.2g -of which saturates, 1.9g Carbohydrates,65g -of which sugars,3.2g Fibre,1,9g Protein,16.9g Salt,0.7g