Jardin Bio

Jardin Bio Vegetables Stock Cubes 10'S

Low Salt
Low Fat

These vegetable stock cubes are free of any preservatives, taste enhancers or palm oil.They are very low in fat and can allow you to flavor your soups, cereals and ready-made meals in no time at all.

Jardin Bio products are all free of chemicals, pesticides, genetically modified organisms. Plus, they are 100% free of palm oil and made with only organic ingredients.


Shea butter*, vegetables* 20% (tomatoes*, celery*, onions*, carrots*, leeks*, parsnip*), corn starch*, glucose syrup*, raw cane sugar*, yeast extract, herbs* (garlic*, lovage*, parsley*, celery leaves*, oregano*, rosemary*, thyme*), concentrated vegetable juice* (celery*, carrots*, onions*), olive oil*, spices*, caramelized sugar*, sunflower oil*.

*Products from organic agriculture.

May contain traces of egg, soy and mustard.

Energy, (Kcal)4 Fat, (g)0 -of which saturates, (g)0 Carbohydrates, (g)0.8 -of which sugars, (g)0.2 Fibre, (g)0.1 Protein, (g)0.07 Salt, (g)0.7