Benina White Quinoa

Gluten Free

This white quinoa can be soaked and cooked like any regular grain. Its numerous health benefits are widely known, and its versatility means it can be easily incorporated into almost any diet.


White Quinoa

Energy, 222Kcal Protein, 8 grams Fat,3.55 grams Carbohydrates,39 grams Fiber, 5 grams Folate, 19% of the daily value (DV) Vitamin B6, 13% of the DV Vitamin E, 8% of the DV Copper, 39% of the DV Iron,15% of the DV Zinc, 18% of the DV Manganese, 51% of the DV Magnesium,28% of the DV Potassium, 7% of the DV Phosphorus, 22% of the DV