Sante Fit Granola Cherry & Strawberry No Added Sugar


This Granola is a tasty combination of cookie-flavored roasted cereals with freeze-dried cherries and strawberries. It's free of added sugar, palm oil, glucose and fructose syrup , wheat and additives. Plus, it's full of minerals, vitamins and fiber.

The product may contain milk, soy and other nuts.


Cereal flakes 59.6% (whole grain oat flakes 40%, barley flakes), sweeteners: maltitols; sunflower oil, soluble corn fiber, dried dates, flour (barley, maize), freeze dried fruit 2% in variable proportions (cherry, strawberry), sea salt, aromas, cinnamon.

Energy, 411 kcal Fat, 12 g –of which saturated fatty acids, 1,7 g Carbohydrates, 64 g – of which sugars, 8,7 g Fibre, 13 g Proteins, 8,8 g Salt, 0,49 g Phosphorus, 292 mg (42%) Iron, 3,0 mg (21%) Zinc, 2,1 mg (21%) Magnesium, 86,0 mg (23%) Copper,0,18 mg(18%) Mangan,1,2 mg (59%)